About Us

Cranfield Executive Development (CED) is internationally known for delivering outstanding results through its portfolio of open and tailored executive development programmes.  CED offers a complete development process that includes strategic consultancy, organisational and individual diagnostics, assessment and development centres and world-class programme design and delivery. Within this portfolio CED also delivers award bearing interventions aligned to the level 7 Senior Leadership Apprenticeship standard.

Interventions are highly customised to client needs and often integrate on-line and networked learning, business simulations and real-life project work. CED partners with clients in a variety of ways: working with top teams on strategy formulation; supporting organisation development and talent management initiatives; developing functional expertise and building leadership and management capability. Working with more than 60 corporate and public sector clients each year, CED has strong relationships with many UK and international organisations.

An increasingly international client base means that over 50% of programmes take place outside the UK, at locations around the world – and 80% of our work is either delivered internationally or is with international participant groups. Alternatively, clients can take advantage of Cranfield’s purpose-built award-winning development centre.

The complete portfolio includes customised interventions, whereby CED partners with organisations to create learning programmes that deliver individual and organisational performance improvements such as:

  • Open Executive Programmes offering development in a variety of areas tapping into the expertise across Cranfield University,
  • General Management Development which has a strong emphasis on one-to-one development with managers enabling them to make significant transitions at key point in their careers,
  • The Praxis suite of programmes which are dedicated to leadership and management development with a holistic approach to personal development,
  • Business Growth Programme working with ambitious owner managers and offering programmes for businesses right across the life cycle,
  • Apprenticeships delivered to meet the requirements of organisations under the Apprenticeship levy scheme, drawing upon content from across Cranfield SOM MScs mapped to the L7 apprenticeship standard.  

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